Rim Trail Domestic Water Improvement District
240 E. Box Elder Lane   Payson, AZ 85541   (928) 472-7585



If you have driven to your home or cabin in Rim Trail lately you would have noticed a large sign posted at the entrance to Rim Trail. This is to inform the residents that the Rim Trail Domestic Water Improvement District was awarded a $270,000 loan to finance some major improvements to our water system infrastructure.

Your Board of Directors and District Manager have been working to identify areas of our infrastructure that needed attention; that needed to be repaired, replaced or simply added to improve the function and performance of the water system.

The Water Infrastructure Finance Authority of Arizona (WIFA) is tasked with the responsibility to provide funding for small water systems in need of Capital Improvement Projects but don't have the funds to finance such projects. In addition to providing funding for these projects, WIFA 'forgives' or does not require repayment of a portion of the loans they administer. In our case, we are required to repay only 21% of the original loan amount. The remaining amount borrowed is 'forgiven' (i.e., written off), such that the loan payments become much smaller and can be covered by our current fee and rate schedules.

The projects your District will be doing with the funding are:

  1. repair of the 35,000 gallon main storage tank,
  2. replacement of the 10,000 gallon storage tank on Whitetail Knob Road,
  3. replacement of approximately 1300 feet of pipeline on Whitetail Knob Road, and
  4. replacement of our mechanical water meters with Automated Meter Reading (AMR) water meters.

These projects will enhance the quality of the water delivered and make the operation of the Water District more efficient as well as extend the life of our assets.

Don Ascoli
District Manager