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  Paperless Automatic Billing is Coming

Many property owners have contacted our office and asked if we offered Automatic Billing from checking accounts.  At the time, our billing software was unable to do this kind of billing.  Now, as a result of many requests, Rim Trail DWID has purchased an upgraded version of the software to handle Automatic Billing.  We will be testing the billing software over the next 60 days with the expectation that you can start automated payments in October 2016. No more need to handwrite checks or go to your banks website to make a payment.  You will receive an email when your bill is ready each month. With Automatic Billing, your payment will be on time, every time without having to worry. More information on this new option for paying your water bill will be provided in future District newsletters.



Over the last 3 weeks we have had two water line breaks that were man-caused. One break was due to someone driving their vehicle too close to one of our Blue Water Line Markers for a water valve box and consequently broke the main water line.  The second break was due to digging without first calling 811.

We realize most of us who have other homes in the valley or moved from the city, expect the water lines to be in the street utility easements.  That is not the case in the Rim Trail Domestic Water Improvement District. The original water lines were installed in the 1950’s and they did not necessarily follow along our roads in Rim Trail. In fact about 25% of our water lines run thru private property.  The water line still has an utility easement, but it goes through some of the properties in our community, instead of along the roads. Don Ascoli has talked with several of our property owners to make them aware that we will be installing more Blue Water Line Markers in Rim Trail. Then you can see where the water line goes through the properties and avoid hitting any water lines.  Until we can complete this project, the only way to know where the water line is before you dig is to call 811, Arizona Blue Stake. It is also the LAW.


Recently we discovered a homeowner’s water drain line used to winterize their cabin had the shutoff valve left open instead of turned off. As a result of not shutting this valve off, over 40,000 gallons of water flowed through their home and ended up in the East Verde river.  This negligence not only caused a great loss of water and a very high water bill to the property owner, but by leaving this drain valve open it caused all the property owners downstream to have very low water pressure and at times no water in their home.

WE WANT TO REMIND ALL OUR HOME OWNERS TO MAKE SURE THEY CLOSE THEIR SHUTOFF VALVE TO THEIR HOME WHEN AWAY FOR ANY LENGTH OF TIME. If you are going to be away from your home for more than 2-3 days, shut off the water to your home to prevent any loss of water on your property.  By using your own shutoff valve, you are insuring that if there is a break in any of your water lines (like a freeze in the winter) or open valves (like leaving a drain line open) you will not suffer a major loss in water and have to pay a large water bill.

ALL EXISTING HOME OWNERS ARE REQUESTED TO HAVE A SHUT-OFF VALVE on their side of the water meter. Remember, the shut-off valve in the meter box is the property of the RIM TRAIL DWID and is not to be used by the home owner as their personal shut-off valve. It is to be LEFT ON AT ALL TIMES; only the Water Operator is responsible for shutting off this valve when working on the water line.

If you do not have a shutoff valve on the water line going to your home, a shutoff valve can be installed in your water line for approximately $300, depending on your specific water line layout.  Contact the District Manager at 480-250-9089 to get more information on having a shutoff valve installed in your water line.

lf existing home owners are updating their water line, it is highly recommended that you install a backflow check valve. This prevents water from being siphoned from your home and drained into the water system if there is a loss of pressure in the water line.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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