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Board Meeting May 2, 2015

Please visit the Agendas & Notices page for the May 2 meeting information.

Craigin Pipeline to restart

After years of talk, the town of Payson finally secured a loan to finish the C.C. Cragin Pipeline that will take water from the Washington Park spillway to a water treatment facility next to Mesa del Caballo.  The pipeline construction is expected to begin this summer and go through the intersection of Box Elder Lane and Belluzzi Blvd all the way to the intersection of FSR 32  and Control Road.  It is our hope that it will not severely limit travel in Rim Trail during the  summer months.  Once we are informed of the construction timeline it will be posted on our web  site, rimtrailwater.org, along with regular updates on the construction progress. The town of  Payson is also committed to keeping one lane of traffic open at all times.  Thank you in advance for your patience during the pipeline construction.

Don M. Ascoli, District Manager

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