Rim Trail Domestic Water Improvement District
240 E. Box Elder Lane   Payson, AZ 85541   (928) 472-7585



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Board Meeting Notice & Agenda


The Board of Directors of the Rim Trail Domestic Water Improvement District will meet in a special session on

Saturday, February 7, 2015  

At 1:00pm 

Anticipated meeting length: 2 ½ hours 


The meeting will be held at


(in the community of Whispering Pines) 


Special Notice to the Public:   To attend telephonically to be able to participate in discussion and decisions that may be made, call on the meeting day within 5 minutes of the start of the meeting or anytime during the meeting.   When connected to the conference call, please state your name and address.


Call Line:  1 712-432-5610 

Conference Code: 1214 




Call to Order 

Roll Call and Determination of a Quorum of Members Present. 

Approval of minutes of prior meetings. 


District Manager’s report 

Treasurer’s report 

Clerk/Secretary’s report 

Chairman’s report 

Possible adjournment to executive session.  Resume regular session if applicable. 


Discuss and Take Possible Action related to: 

a.       Approval of District Manager contract 

b.      Approval of contract for administrative services 

c.       Approve funding for legal counsel to advise District on water rights issues and negotiations with Salt River Project

d.      Status and possible reorganization of sub-committee established to examine SRP issue 

e.      Board Member to be appointed as the Authorized Representative for the Chase Depository Relationship 

f.        Review homeowner bill for damages to District infrastructure 

g.       Proposed dates for quarterly board meetings 

h.      Charge for meter shut-off due to leak on homeowner side of meter 

Call to the Public: For non-agenda items, members of the public may address the Board on any issue within the Boards jurisdiction.  However, under the Arizona Open Meeting Law, the only actions the Directors can take on these issues are: 1) respond to criticism, 2) ask staff to review the matter, or 3) ask that the matter be put on a future agenda. 

Call to Staff and Board Members for non-agenda updates and recommended topics for future meetings.




Dated this 27th day of January, 2015.     Rim Trail Domestic Water Improvement District 





Posted on District Bulletin as of _______________ at _______ o’clock. 


PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES: If any disabled person needs any type of accommodation, please notify the Rim Trail Domestic Water Improvement District 928-472-7585 prior to the scheduled meeting time.

CALL TO THE PUBLIC: Those wishing to address the District during the meeting need not request permission in advance, but they should indicate their desire to address the District on the sign-in guest register provided. The RTDWID Board is not permitted to discuss, or take action on any item raised in the call to the public for non-agenda items.  However, individual Board members may be permitted to respond to criticism directed to them. Otherwise, the Board may direct that staff review the matter or that the matter be placed on a future agenda. The RTDWID Board cannot discuss or take legal action on any issue raised during the Call to the Public for non-agenda items due to restrictions of the Open Meeting Law. Comments related directly to items on the published agenda for the meeting may be discussed at the option of the Chairman, or by vote of the members of the Board that may favor such discussion. The Chairman of the meeting may limit the number and length of public comments in order to maintain a reasonable meeting schedule.


EXECUTIVE SESSIONS:  After voting to do so, the Board may go into executive session at any time during this scheduled meeting for consideration of items included on the above agenda if the topics to be discussed meet the requirements of ARS 38.431.02(a), (1), (3) and/or (5). Additionally, the Board may, during this meeting call for an executive session to be held at a future time after this meeting.  Per ARS 38.431.03, executive sessions are closed to the public and only the following seven category topics are permitted to be discussed: 1) Personnel Matters; 2) Discussion of Confidential Records; 3) Legal Advice from attorney; 4) Litigation, Contract Negotiations, and Settlement Discussions with attorney; 5) Discussions with Designated Representatives Regarding Salary Negotiations; 6) International, Interstate and Tribal Negotiations; and 7) Purchase, Sale, Lease, or use of owned or non-owned Real Property.

Official Postings of Board Meeting Minutes and Agendas can be found on the bulletin board at the corner of Beluzzi Blvd and Bridge Road. (Right beside the mailboxes).  

Click Here to read the official Posting Location Notice provided to Gila County.  

Additionally this site is a repository of Agendas and Notices they can be found at: Agendas and NoticesThese go back to March 2011. 

A repository of Minutes can also be found on this site at: Minutes These also go back to March 2011.