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Board of Directors Meeting Notice

The Board will hold its quarterly meeting on Saturday, January 21st, 2017 at 1pm at the Whispering Pines Fire Station in Rim Trail.  The public is welcome to attend.  In addition to normal District business, we will be welcoming our two new Board Members, John Tanner and Judy Scott.  The meeting agenda is still in development and will be posted on the bulletin board and the District website once it has been finalized.

C.C. Cragin Pipeline

Phase II of the C.C. Cragin Pipeline has been going very slow.  The contractor was having to repair the trencher so often and having to replace the digging teeth more than planned that they returned the trencher to the equipment leesor. Instead, long lengths of the trench will now be dug by large Excavators.  Two of them are equipped with large hammers to break the rock for trenching. If you drive on Houston Mesa Road you will notice several of these large excavators working on the trench and laying of the pipe.
The current contract calls for Phase II to be completed by April 30th.  It does not appear they will meet this date; in fact construction of the pipeline will likely continue into late summer. You can expect traffic delays as you approach the Water Wheel day camp site which is located between the first and second water crossings..

Paperless Automatic Billing 

Rim Trail Domestic Water Improvement District has implemented Automatic Billing for water bills.  Several of you have already enrolled and will begin making direct payments to the District.  This saves time, checks, stamps and the possibility of being late in making a payment on your water bill.

Click here for the application for Automatic Billing.  You can also call Don Ascoli at his office and he can take your application over the phone. Either way you can enjoy the convenience of having your water bill taken care of automatically each month.  If you would like to know more about this program, give Don a call at (480) 250-9089.



Recently, we had two water line breaks that were man-caused. One break was due to someone driving their vehicle too close to one of our Blue Water Line Markers for a water valve box and consequently broke the main water line.  The second break was due to digging without first calling 811.

We realize most of us who have other homes in the valley or moved from the city, expect the water lines to be in the street utility easements.  That is not the case in the Rim Trail Domestic Water Improvement District. The original water lines were installed in the 1950’s and they did not necessarily follow along our roads in Rim Trail. In fact about 25% of our water lines run thru private property.  The water line still has an utility easement, but it goes through some of the properties in our community, instead of along the roads. Don Ascoli has talked with several of our property owners to make them aware that we will be installing more Blue Water Line Markers in Rim Trail. Then you can see where the water line goes through the properties and avoid hitting any water lines.  Until we can complete this project, the only way to know where the water line is before you dig is to call 811, Arizona Blue Stake. It is also the LAW.


In our District Rules and Regulations document (on our web site) dated January 1, 2007, we require all home owners to have a private shut-off valve on their side of the meter (Paragraph 5.4.B). Customers are not to use the District’s meter as a “turn-on/turn-off device except in the case of emergency” (paragraph 5.2.I).

We realize that many of our homes were built years ago before the idea of having a personal shut-off valve was instituted.  However, the need for this is real; on many occasions if a homeowner had such a valve and used it, it would have prevented major water leaks.  Using our district meter valve to turn on and off your water wears it out and if it fails, we have to shut down the main line to replace it. In addition, there is the issue of backflow, of water either being drained or siphoned from your home if there is a break or leak on the main line.

So to help our homeowners who do not have such a private shut-off valve, please contact Don Ascoli, District Manager, so we can work together to get one installed along with a backflow check valve.  Don Ascoli's cell phone is 480-250-9089.

Official Postings of Board Meeting Minutes and Agendas can be found on the bulletin board at the corner of Beluzzi Blvd and Bridge Road. (Right beside the mailboxes). 

Click Here to read the official Posting Location Notice provided to Gila County.

Additionally this site is a repository of Agendas and Notices they can be found at: Agendas and Notices. These go back to March 2011.

A repository of Minutes can also be found on this site at: Minutes.  These also go back to March 2011. 

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