Rim Trail Domestic Water Improvement District
240 E. Box Elder Lane   Payson, AZ 85541   (928) 472-7585



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Board Member Opening

Gary Richardson is leaving in early March 2015 for a one year mission with the Mormon Church. Consequently, he feels obligated to resign his position to allow another person with more availability to serve on the Board. We thank Gary for his service and wish him well.

The Board is seeking to fill the soon to be open position and would like to solicit interest of any eligible property owner that wishes to volunteer to serve.

If you have an interest in serving on the Board, please send your name and contact information to Don Ascoli, the District Manager, at the mailing address above or email Don at: verdeglen@mac.com

Official Postings of Board Meeting Minutes and Agendas can be found on the bulletin board at the corner of Beluzzi Blvd and Bridge Road. (Right beside the mailboxes).

Click Here to read the official Posting Location Notice provided to Gila County.

Additionally this site is a repository of Agendas and Notices they can be found at: Agendas and Notices. These go back to March 2011.

A repository of Minutes can also be found on this site at: Minutes.  These also go back to March 2011.