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Saturday, September 12, 2015 At 2:00pm


Call Line: 1 712-432-5610
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To All Rim Trail District Members:

Many of you have noticed the yellow rope lines along FR32 (aka Washington Park Road) as you drive to Rim Trail. The CC Cragin contractor currently plans to start work on Belluzzi Blvd the middle of September. Our main water line going down Belluzzi Blvd, down Bridge Road and ending in Sierra Vista Lane will be shut off during working hours for 3-4 days while temporary service lines are installed on Belluzzi.  Around the second week of October, just the service lines going to homes on the West side of Belluzzi will be shut off for approximately 2 hour periods while the trencher goes down Belluzzi. Then approximately two weeks later the contractor will be going back down Belluzzi and installing the 18 inch pipeline which will take water to Payson. The contractor will only be working Monday thru Thursday so on weekends there will be no construction but you still want to be careful driving through the construction area.

I will be working very closely with all the homeowners affected by these shutdowns.  I will be giving everyone 1 to 2 day notices as to when and approximately how long the water lines will be shut down. Water will be turned off in the morning for construction then will be turned back on by 5pm each evening. It is recommended that those homeowners affected would store at least 3 gallons of water to cover their needs during the day.  Only homes off of Belluzzi Blvd, Bridge Rd and Sierra Vista Ln will be affected by this construction. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call me at 480-250-9089.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Don M. Ascoli, District Manager
September 5, 2015 


Recently we discovered a homeowner’s water drain line used to winterize their cabin had the shutoff valve left open instead of turned off. As a result of not shutting this valve off, over 40,000 gallons of water flowed through their home and ended up in the East Verde river.  This negligence not only caused a great loss of water and a very high water bill to the property owner, but by leaving this drain valve open it caused all the property owners downstream to have very low water pressure and at times no water in their home.

WE WANT TO REMIND ALL OUR HOME OWNERS TO MAKE SURE THEY CLOSE THEIR SHUTOFF VALVE TO THEIR HOME WHEN AWAY FOR ANY LENGTH OF TIME. If you are going to be away from your home for more than 2-3 days, shut off the water to your home to prevent any loss of water on your property.  By using your own shutoff valve, you are insuring that if there is a break in any of your water lines (like a freeze in the winter) or open valves (like leaving a drain line open) you will not suffer a major loss in water and have to pay a large water bill.

ALL EXISTING HOME OWNERS ARE REQUESTED TO HAVE A SHUT-OFF VALVE on their side of the water meter. Remember, the shut-off valve in the meter box is the property of the RIM TRAIL DWID and is not to be used by the home owner as their personal shut-off valve. It is to be LEFT ON AT ALL TIMES; only the Water Operator is responsible for shutting off this valve when working on the water line.

If you do not have a shutoff valve on the water line going to your home, a shutoff valve can be installed in your water line for approximately $300, depending on your specific water line layout.  Contact the District Manager at 480-250-9089 to get more information on having a shutoff valve installed in your water line.

lf existing home owners are updating their water line, it is highly recommended that you install a backflow check valve. This prevents water from being siphoned from your home and drained into the water system if there is a loss of pressure in the water line.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Chase Burn Pit

7/16/15   FYI,

Today I went to inspect the Chase Pit to see if it could be re-opened for the 26th of July to receive brush, pine needles and grass clippings again following the burn that took place on May 26th.  The pit has been CLOSED for fire safety reasons since the burn because there were still hot spots of over 500 degrees as recent as the end of June.

I discovered today that someone with access to a key has dumped three loads of material in the pit since the end of June.  By doing this they have not only put the residents of Verde Glen, Rim Trail, Washington Park, Cowan Ranch in danger of a wildfire, but they have also dumped building materials which is ILLEGAL.  This illegal dumping could cause the Forest Service to permanently close this brush pit. 

The CHASE PIT is still CLOSED until further notice, at least until it can be pushed to make room for material to be dumped.  There are a lot of large logs and stumps that did not burn that are blocking any more use of the pit at this time.

Ron Sattelmaier
Fire Chief/Paramedic
Whispering Pines Fire District
928-474-3088 – office
623-337-2576 – cell
928-472-3392 – FAX
Website  www.wpfd.us

Revised Rate & Fee Schedule  

Several minor corrections were made to the Rate & Fee Schedule during the Board Meeting on June 27, 2015.  Most were technical.

However, there was one change which will benefit the vast majority of the RTDWID users.  Starting July 1, 2015, most users will be billed simply the base rate of $79 each month regardless of gallons used.  At the end of the fiscal year (June 30), each account will be analyzed to determine if the annual usage was in excess of 36,000 gallons.  If this is the case, a one-time billing for excess usage will be made.  The Board determined that most users only have two to three months where usage is over the base 3,000 gallons and that the usage during the rest of the year is far below the base.  The Board decided that it was fairer to most users to not charge for excess usage where, for the most part, overall usage is below 36,000 gallons per year.

The Board trusts that most users will welcome this enhancement.  It also will simplify things for those that wish to pre-pay, say on a quarterly basis, to avoid having to write a check each month and/or worry about excess use charges.

Please visit the Financial Statements page to view the complete new Rate & Fee Schedule. 

Note regarding Cattle

To residents along the East Verde River above Second Crossing,

Cattle have been a significant part of the history of the Payson area.  Many of the early settlers in the area were cattlemen and cattle were a big part of the economic base of the area below the Mogollon Rim.  For a variety of reasons cattle have not been pastured in many areas surrounding Payson for a number of years.  One of those areas is along the East Verde River that is referred to as the “East Verde Pasture” of the Cross V grazing allotment.  Many residents enjoy seeing the cattle quietly grazing on the range, others may find them a nuisance when they get into their yards and flower beds.

The purpose of this note is to advise the residents along the East Verde River in the subdivisions of Washington Park, Rim Trail Ranch, Verde Glen, Cowan Ranch and Whispering Pines that cattle will be returning to the East Verde Pasture about August 15, 2015 and are planned to be moved out of the pasture by the end of October, 2015.  Many long time residents of the area are aware and understand that Arizona is an “Open Range” state and if property owners prefer to not have cattle on their property it is the owner’s responsibility to adequately fence their property (A.R.S 3-1426, 3-1427).

Residents who may want help with getting their fences in shape or building a new one may want to contact Fred Henderson – 928-472-6627 or Ty Chilson (Payson Fence Co.) – 928-474-7400.  Both are natives of Payson.  Fred is an individual with many years of barb wire fence building and repair experience and Ty is a licensed contractor and builds most any type of fence except block.  There may be other good fence builders in the Payson area and this is not an endorsement of either one but are two we know and/or have had experience with.

Ray Tanner
Cross V Ranch

Current Rate and Fee Schedule 7-1-2015

Official Postings of Board Meeting Minutes and Agendas can be found on the bulletin board at the corner of Beluzzi Blvd and Bridge Road. (Right beside the mailboxes). 

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Additionally this site is a repository of Agendas and Notices they can be found at: Agendas and Notices. These go back to March 2011.

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